Current Issue / GHOSTS

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Cover Image by Sukanya Ghosh.

Issue Contents:


Words by Hannah Yelin

Commanded to Walk

Shivangi Mariam Raj


Image by Aditya Pande


Words by Ivan de Monbrison

Excerpt from the Flaneur File

Impressions by Sambaran Das

Words by Agnibho Gangopadhyay

The View Across the Valley

Words by Jonathan Willmer

The Eye-Ghost and the Smoke-Ghosts

Story and Drawings by Shyam Thandar

Translation and Lettering by Sourav Roy

A Vision

Words by AN Grace

The Residence of All Our Problems

Words by AN Grace

History of the Arch-spirit of Peyarabagan: A Brief Outline

Words by Swapan Panda

Translation by Sourav Roy

À la Recherche du Temps Gagné

Words and Images by David Szanto

The Shoot

Words by Paul Jesper

Light Leaks

Images by Sukanya Ghosh

Decay Dan

Words and Image by Mark Blickley

Rhythm and the Small Hands of Violence

Words by Megha Sharma Sehdev


Images by Phil Sawdon

The Funeral

Words by Robin Dennis

Illustrations by Estella Mare

The Sparagmos Spreads

Sourav Roy

Design by Vidha Saumya

Ghost Notes

Words and Sounds by Danny Bright


Words and image by Alexis Muiños Woodward

Translated from the original Spanish by the author, Sourav Roy, Reyazul Haque


Images by Dorothy Englander


Words by Hilda Kahra