Next Issue / SPACE : COLONY

While we decolonise our minds in here, we want to colonise the Moon and Mars, out there.

Our next issue aims to make sense of this make-strange. We are seeking originally gathered words and/or original images about Space : Colony.

Space – at a little-known planet of a well-known galaxy, in your neighbourhood greenfield project or deep inside our unconscious – is never empty. Making it into a colony clashes with hidden agendas and unseen dangers. To make it into a territory calls for violent romance and precise bureaucracies. The technologies of control, identity and extraction are poised and colony-ready. The challenge is making space into a place – of uncharted, unforetold and unkempt happenings – with your words and images.

Your creation should be able to travel either way through the perforated membrane between both the worlds contained in the two words Space : Colony.

All genre-d and genre-fluid contributions including but not limited to colonial flashbacks, postcolonial translations, space ethics jokes, speculative fiction, naive drawings, scholarly texts, AI art, and memes are welcome. The answer need not be 42.

Submissions and propositions to: stimulus (at) stimulusrespond (dot) com

By May 31, 2023.