Editor in Chief
Jack Boulton
jack (at) stimulusrespond.com

Editor – Art
Alan Dunn
alan (at) stimulusrespond.com
Note: Alan is leaving us, please contact the Editor-in-Chief if you are interested in this position

Editor – Literature
Sourav Roy
sourav (at) stimulusrespond.com

Editors – Female Gaze
Liz Stirling
liz (at) stimulusrespond.com
Jo Hassall
jo (at) stimulusrespond.com
Casey Orr
casey (at) stimulusrespond.com
Laura Robinson
laura (at) stimulusrespond.com

Editor – Human/Machine
Ian Truelove
ian (at) stimulusrespond.com

If you would like to make a contribution to a future issue, please contact the editors.