Next Issue - Psychedelia

We are soliciting contributions for the next edition of Stimulus Respond, called Psychedelia. Contributions might be literally or abstractly related to Psychedelia, and we encourage, as always, creative and experimental approaches to the theme. In congruence with Stimulus Respond's undisciplined approach, we welcome submissions from new and established contributors from within, between, and beyond such fields as cultural studies, anthropology, literary criticism, fashion, creative writing, politics, visual cultures, architecture, theatre, film and screen studies, sociology, media and communications and philosophy.

Potential contributors to the Literature/Creative Text section are invited to send an abstract of 200-300 words with an indication of the anticipated word length of the final text (up to a maximum of 3000 words) by 28 February. Whilst we do not run a separate poetry section as such, poems may be submitted to the Literature/Creative text editors, Phil Sawdon and Marsha Meskimmon.

The Literature/Creative Text section also invites visual contributions for the ‘blank page’: self-contained, single-page A4 compositions that address the theme of Psychedelia. Potential contributors (illustrators, artists, photographers etc.) should send a visual abstract (A4, PDF, 100% view) by 28 February to the Literature/Creative Text editors.

Please note that we prioritise material that has not been published elsewhere and all forms of submission must be seen to address the theme of the issue.

Authors of successful abstract (text and ‘blank page’) submissions will be required to submit the final work by 20 April.

Fashion editorials and photography should be sent as low resolution jpegs including credits where necessary. The deadline for expressions of interest is 28 February, with the final deadline being 20 April.

Submissions should be sent to:

Literature/Creative Text: Phil Sawdon and Marsha Meskimmon

Fashion: Jack Boulton

Photography: Jack Boulton

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